Mountain Mama Firewood,LLC
P O BOX 324  Florissant, Colorado 80816
719 684 3102
Our Services
  1. Service
    We Deliver TRUE ( hand stacked, NOT THROWN, into my truck) cords of firewood to businesses and residents in Teller and surrounding counties in Colorado. $200.00 cash per cord or $206.00 card per cord *Sorry, we do not accept checks
  2. Product
    Split, DRY, ready to burn, Lodgepole pine
  3. Service
    We deliver for FREE within 75 miles round trip from our location in Florissant, Colorado. Contact us for deliveries over 75 miles round trip from our location.
  4. service
    We offer to hand stack the firewood anywhere on your property, WITHIN 25 FEET OF MY TRUCK, for an additional $40.00 per cord. Otherwise, we hand stack our firewood into my truck , then throw out into a pile at delivery site.
  5. Service
    We also bundle our firewood, and sell it wholesale for $2.50 per bundle with a 50 bundle minimum order
  6. Product
    Our bundles are lodgepole pine and are bundled at approximately 0.75 cubic foot. All bundles have handles for easy handling. we now attach to every bundle...**NEW GLOW IN THE DARK HANDLES**