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Mountain Mama Firewood, LLC

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello all :) 

It has been a while since i last posted, sorry about that. A lot of new news for Mountain Mama Firewood! Many many more customers. I'm wanting to add pictures and links to the new businesses that I supply with firewood as well, but that will be in the next posts so I can do it properly:) This is the busy time of year for Mountain Mama Firewood. As winter is right around the corner, everyone is putting in orders to stock up before it hits. If you have not already put your orders in, I encourage you to do the same.  You can contact me through my contact page on this site, or feel free to call or text my number as well. Please leave a message if i do not answer, I will return all calls/texts/emails.  To answer my most asked question, "Mountain Mama Firewood, will never run out of wood!" :)  Second most asked question is if I change my prices for winter or "Do I hike my price in winter?" ... Absolutely NOT!!!  I charge $200 cash or $206 card per cord, YEAR ROUND. (SORRY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS) 

FREE DELIVERY for up to 75 miles round trip from our Florissant, Colorado location.

We hand stack into our truck/trailer and throw out into a pile upon delivery.

We do offer to stack for you, within 25 feet of my truck/trailer, for an additional $25 per cord.

I also have a facebook page filled with pictures and updated info. I love taking pictures and posting every chance I get,  it is so easy to do with my phone:) Very handy!! I  try to get on here to post blogs, I know I need to do better making time for that as i get many orders off my contact page on this site.  I wish it was as easy as facebook to update and post, but its not, you must update via computer.  But  i promise to do better:)  I must go now as I am also a mother of 5...and school is out so...Bus stop time.  More later, I promise!


Mountain Mama Firewood